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forests_of_fire: A picture of a brilliantly colored waterfall cascading into a river (Home)

To sum it up: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(enter interesting anecdotes here)

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:Nothing, from nowhere, I'm no one at all.
Falling down, I reached my highest line//I've got a good idea what breaks you makes you shine
"Sparks Gonna Fly" - The Catherine Wheel

My friending policy is basically "If you add me and let me know where I know you from, I'll add back." I lock my journal for privacy reasons. I assume people who add me without letting me know where I know them from are spambots and do not grant access/subscribe to them.

If you want to know my interests, well... -points to interests list- :P

If you're new here, make sure to read this access-locked intro post and the links in it! It'll save both you and me time. :)

Open question policy (inspiration ganked from [personal profile] shanaqui): On Dreamwidth, often we only get glimpses into a person's life. It makes it hard to understand what's going on and may make it hard to comment. And it isn't always easy to track down what's going on through tags or memories. So, if you have any questions, I'm always open to answering them! Don't be afraid to ask. Just comment and ask WTF is going on or drop me a PM. If I've mentioned it in my Dreamwidth, even in passing, I'm happy to talk about it in-depth. :)

I participate in the Dreamwidth Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
My emergency info can be found here.

Interests (155):

90's alternative rock, a perfect circle, agender, agent peggy carter, agents of shield, agnosticism, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, alternate universes, american mcgee's alice, animals, anti-ableism, anti-fascism, anti-mental illness stigma, arthritis, arts and crafts, athena parthenos, atypical depression, auditory processing disorder, beating brain weasels into submission, being a geek, body art, body piercing, books, building your own religion, castles, cats, chinchillas, chronic pain, collecting bits of knowledge, combichrist, comfort foods, compassionate politics, cooking, daggers, degenerative disc disease, depression, disability, disability rights, divination, dragons, dystopian fiction, electoral reform, empathy, epigenetics, fantasy, fibromyalgia, filter, fractal art, gemstones, generalized anxiety disorder, genetics, ghost stories, gray asexuality, grunge rock, healing, honesty, iced tea, imagination, individuality, inner peace, inner worlds, intelligence, intimate friendships, introverts, invisible disabilities, jack off jill, laughing @ absurdity of life, laughing until it hurts, learning to accept my failings, lemons, lightning, lucid dreaming, magical theory, malleability of reality, marvel avengers, marvel cinemaverse, maynard james keenan, melniboné, mental health issues, mental illness, mixing spirituality and psychology, multiverse theory, music, mythical creatures, nirvana, non-traditional college students, other worlds, otherkin, paganism, paranormal phenomena, past lives, patchwork spirituality, peggy carter, personal evolution, personal fight clubs, personal mythologies, personal mythology, personal responsibility, pixar, post-apocalyptic fiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, primus, pro-choice politics, procrastination, psychology, quiet moments of awe, quiltbag rights, random moments of "what the fuck?", reading, reincarnation, religion, respect, retreading brain paths, ridiculous swear phrases, romantic friendships, science fiction, science!, self-therapy, singing, sleep apnea, slime rancher, snark, social justice, social phobia, spinal arthritis, spirituality, spondylosis, steampunk, stinking tree-hugging socialist hippies, stormbringer, stuffed animals, succulents, swords, tangle art, tarot, tarot cards, tarot decks, tattoos, the looking glass wars, thunderstorms, tool, tori amos, trying to be a better person, type 2 diabetes, vegetables, walking your own path, weird people, welcome to night vale, wenet/wenut, worse. genes. ever., young adult books, zentangle, zombies, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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403, 52hzbreak, aerdran, akamine_chan, alasse_irena, albijuli, ambelies, amethystfirefly, anarchicq, anarqueso, angelofthenorth, ariestess, avalanche, awesomesauce, balsamandash, bladespark, boywonder, brightandravenous, celestinenox, cloudwrack, cluegirl, colonelsandgeeks, colorless_landscape, crystalpyramid, darklightshades, dearjohn, delight, divinemusings, drakonlily, dreamwriteremmy, drplacebo, earthspirits, elfin, elialshadowpine, erika, escritoireazul, ex_awesomesauce31, fascination, finding_helena, firecat, firewhispers, flybirds, forestofglory, fullupwithfire, haleskarth, hallowspite, hitokage, hollymath, ilyena_sylph, inkstone, irish_dragon, janinedog, jenett, jennaria, jeshyr, jesse_the_k, k_a_webb, kaberett, kate, kay_brooke, killing_rose, kjata, kriski, lady_katana4544, left_turns, lynnenne, majoline, meepettemu, meloukhia, miintikwa, minim_calibre, mooreeffoc, nachtmannschaften, nanila, ng_moonmoth, not, novel_machinist, numb3r_5ev3n, oneiros, ossobuco, panda, peaceful_two_eyes, penlessej, purple_crocus, quartzwolf, ras_pantheon, raze, revol, ridgewalker, rmc28, rootsofthestories, rot, sapphire2309, sasha_feather, sashataakheru, schneefink, seraphina_snape, sewn, shadaras, shanaqui, sheistheweather, shihai, skygiants, sparrowwings, st_aurafina, starfleet, striped, subbes, sunshining, surpassingly, sweet_sparrow, teigh_corvus, thecaptain, thelinesoflearning, thepapercraft, theremustbewonders, theresistance, torachan, typhlosis, umadoshi, used_songs, valerianhouse, vigilantism, we, wherereasonfailed, winterlitcity, wolffe, wyldbutterflies, yohjideranged

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